Islands of Coherence

Islands of Coherence for the Good of the Whole

If you are looking for somewhere nourishing and inspiring to practice the power of heart-centered coherence in these times of great change, look no further.

The Islands of Coherence Member Network

We are a visionary culture, one that acts like imaginal cells within the planetary body and we are cultivating Coherence through Presence, Resonance, and collective Emergence.

Together, we understand that we are embodiments of the Living Universe, uniquely informed, naturally interconnected, and part of a greater whole.

We envision ourselves navigating through the greatest transformation of our era, a massive shift happening on all scales. We see it happening now and know we have a special part to play.

We are a safe harbor in a sea of chaos. 
Together, we are Islands of Coherence, a member based social network of purpose made up of “Islands” where insight, inspiration, and evolutionary tools make the journey brighter and lighter.

Coherence is our natural state

It's time to claim it together!


Membership Benefits Includes:

• A personalized social dashboard (desktop & mobile) where you choose what you see on your home feed and calendar, based on the Islands, Topics, Deep Dives and People you follow.

• Meaningful connection with a like-hearted community of peers from around the world in the Islands, live events, courses, breakout groups, online chat, private messaging, posts and more.

• Evolutionary tools to strengthen and inspire you in these times of unprecedented change.

• Member Offerings and “Islands” for you to explore the unique wisdom, heart felt guidance, and engaging content and events from our IOC Cohort and participating organizations.

It is time to make coherence a priority!

If you are looking for somewhere nourishing and inspiring to practice the power of heart-centered coherence in these times of great change, 
look no further.

Why a Membership Fee?

Where we choose to invest our time, attention, resources and creativity right now has an impact on the choices we make and our capacity to sustain coherence through the times of chaos in our world, and we can't do it alone. 

If everyone contributes a little we can have “spaces” like this that are free of advertisements or someone controlling what we see or share. This is our playground to co-create and steward together, and when we each contribute what we can, we establish a sustainable base from which to grow and flourish.

As you can see, there are three membership plan options.

Regular Membership  starting at $29.99 per month
Sponsor Membership starting at $59.99 per month
Scholarship Membership - Click Here to Apply

All Membership Options include a 14-Day Free Trial.

Choose the Membership Plan that honestly reflects your capacity to give.

“When a complex system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity to shift the entire system to a higher order.”

-Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Laureate